How to Unlock Password Protected Laptop

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Forgetting or losing administrator password will prevent use of your password protected laptop. This problem can be resolved by using a bootable PCUnlocker CD that will help you unlock password protected laptop by resetting the admin password. Save yourself the headache of fighting to get back into your computer!

This method is fast and easy! Just download the PCUnlocker software, burn it to a CD, insert the CD into the password protected laptop and all the current passwords will be removed so you can get back into Windows and get to work.

How to Unlock Password Protected Laptop?

  1. First you need to make a PCUnlocker CD using another computer. Once you’ve downloaded the zipped ISO image of PCUnlocker, unzip the download file and you’ll get the pcunlocker.iso file. Burn the ISO image to CD using ISO2Disc program.
  2. Place your PCUnlocker CD in the CD-ROM of your password protected laptop. Power on the machine and set CD/DVD-ROM as the first boot device in BIOS, so your laptop should boot into the CD drive instead of your normal operating system.
  3. Once booting from the PCUnlocker CD, it will load the WinPE operating system and finally start the PCUnlocker program itself. The program detects your Windows installations and displays a list of Windows user accounts.
  4. Choose a user account and click on “Reset Password” button. It will unlock your user account and remove the forgotten password immediately.
  5. Reboot the machine and remove the PCUnlocker CD. You can then get into Windows without a password! You’ve successfully unlocked a password protected laptop.