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Lost Windows Password? Here’s How to Bypass It

September 3rd, 2013 by Admin

I lost the administrator password and do not have any other account. How can I bypass the password so I can get into my Windows system?

Losing Windows password could be a nightmare that will leave you without access to your system. This could happen out of forgetfulness, the result of idiotic roommates with nothing better to do, or any number of other situations that could result in a total loss of access to your computer. But don’t worry! Here we’ll show you an easy way to bypass Windows password after you lost your password.

All you really need is a USB drive and another computer to create a PCUnlocker Live USB drive on. In many cases, you can bypass lost Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password in just a few minutes.

Lost Windows Password? How to Bypass It?

  1. First, you are required to create a PCUnlocker Live USB drive from another computer that you have access to. This can be your work PC, or a friend or family member’s PC (any PC within your reach). Download the ISO image of PCUnlocker and burn it to your USB drive using ISO2Disc program.
  2. Insert the PCUnlocker Live USB into your own machine and boot the computer from it. Before that ensure you have set your BIOS to boot from USB drive. After successfully booting from PCUnlocker Live USB, it will load the operating system that is installed on the USB drive.
  3. When the boot process is complete, it will start the PCUnlocker program. This program automatically searches your Windows installations and displays all user accounts existing in Windows SAM registry file. In the list box, you can also find out which user account is password protected, disabled or locked out.

  4. Choose one of your user accounts and click on “Reset Password” button. The program will bypass your lost Windows password instantly.
  5. Restart the computer and disconnect the Live USB. The account that you’re trying to regain access to will no longer require a password. Quickly get back into your system without data loss!

How to Override Lost windows 7/Vista/XP Password with USB Drive

June 13th, 2013 by Admin

Locked out of Windows after forgetting the administrator password? Just bought a used laptop but it is password protected and you are unable to get into it? Is there any way to override a lost Windows password and regain control of your computer without wiping any data? Here is a very easy method using a USB drive to override lost Windows 7/Vista/XP password quickly.

How to Override Lost windows 7/Vista/XP Password with USB Drive?

Firstly, you need to prepare a bootable password removal USB drive on another PC which you can log on. Download the .zip archive of Reset Windows Password utility onto your desktop. Open the ZIP file and extract it to a folder on your desktop. Within that folder, you’ll find a file called ResetWindowsPwd.iso. Simply burn the ISO image file to a USB drive using ISO2Disc program.

Plug the USB drive into your locked PC which needs to override a lost Windows password. Turn on the computer and get it to boot from the USB drive. Make sure you have your BIOS set to boot from removable device. Once you boot from the USB drive, the computer will start loading the WinPE operating system and open up the Reset Windows Password program.

On the main interface of Reset Windows Password program, you can see all user accounts for your Windows installation. Choose a user account and click on Reset Password button. The program will unlock your user account and override the lost Windows password.

Unplug the USB drive and restart your computer. Now you should be able to log back into Windows system with a blank/empty password. It’s that easy!


So this is how can you override lost Windows 7/Vista/XP password easily. Instantly regain access to your password protected computer when you lost or forgot Windows password. No need to reinstall Windows.

3 Handy Password Recovery Tips In Case You Forgot Windows Password

June 12th, 2012 by Admin

As it’s known to us, a strong password is an important aspect of computer security. Many computer users set an extremely complicated Windows password consisting of various numbers, characters and symbols. It will greatly improve the system security without doubt. But if the user has bad memory, the complex Windows password can be easily forgotten. At that time, one has to find some Windows password recovery tips to unlock the computer.

Have you thought of some tips to avoid the problem of forgetting Windows password? Never write your password on a sticky note plastered to a desk or monitor. If you are easy to forgot Windows password, you can make full of features in Widows: set a password hint to help you recover your Windows password, and create a password reset disk to reset Windows password if your password is forgotten or lost.

1. Set a Windows password Hint

Some systems, like Windows 7, Vista and XP, allow you to create a password hint so that you can get some clues to recall your forgotten Windows password. You can create a password hint easily when you set a Windows password to log on to computer. Please note if your computer is on domain (Active Directory), you cannot create a password hint.

The Windows password hint should be something that can help you recall your forgotten Windows password while it will not leak your Windows password to others. But don’t set a password hint that is easy for others to guess your actual Windows password.

2. Create Windows Password Reset Disk

If you think password hint is not a good option or you can’t think of a good password hint, you can turn to the option of creating a Windows password reset disk. It will be useful for you to reset Windows password if you forgot Windows password in further. Follow these steps to create a Windows password reset disk in advance:

  1. Click Start button, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety and User Accounts.
  2. Click Create a password reset disk in the left pane.
  3. The Forgotten Password Wizard will open, insert a USB flash drive and then click Next.
  4. Select the USB drive which you want to create a password reset disk on, and then click Next.
  5. Enter your current password, and then click Next.
  6. When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, and then click Finish.

Once the Windows password reset disk is created, it can be repeatedly used to reset Windows password without limitation. If it falls into hands of others, he or she will be able to enter your computer by performing Windows password reset with the USB drive. So please keep your password disk in a safe place.

3. Windows Password Recovery

With the development of technology, you can not only set a Windows password composed of letters, numbers and symbols, but also create a password with fingerprint. If you are a Window 7 user, you can enable fingerprint logon.

If you forgot Windows password and don’t have a password disk, you can resort to Windows Password Recovery software such as Password Recovery Bundle. It allows you to easily reset lost or forgotten Windows password by burning a bootable password reset disk. Boot your locked computer from it and you can remove forgottten Windows password instantly.