How to Recover Website Passwords Saved in Flock Browser

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Here we will discuss about how to recover saved passwords in Flock browser. Generally we use different passwords for different websites and the number of passwords keep growing as we make new accounts for different websites. It’s hard to remember all the passwords and also very irritating to type the password again and again, so we use the browser option ‘Remember my password’ feature on most of the websites, but then it’s easy to forget what the password is.

Luckily there is a awesome utility called Password Recovery Bundle which can help you recover all saved logins and passwords from Flock browser. Just a few mouse clicks and your passwords will be revealed immediately!

How to Recover Website Passwords Saved in Flock Browser?

  1. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle 2013 on your local computer.
  2. Start Password Recovery Bundle program and click on Start Recovery button. The program will display a long list of password recovery options.
  3. Choose the Flock Password option from the list, the program will search all user profiles in Flock and retrieve website passwords saved in Flock in just a matter of seconds!

Besides, Password Recovery Bundle can also help you recover saved passwords from every known browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. It should be the most powerful password recovery toolkit you’ve never seen!