A Simple Way to Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

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Almost all applications show us an option to save the password when logging into a user account. Sometimes, In case of home computers, people like me usually save passwords for quicker login, because they are too lazy to type the password again and again. However, in situations that require you to know what lies behind those asterisks in case you forget the password after sometime, we’ve got a simple trick to reveal passwords behind asterisks from almost every known email client, instant messenger, ftp client or other applications.

Asterisk Password Recovery is an awesome utility which allows you to reveal passwords behind asterisks in the password field of almost any Windows application or web browser.

How to Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks?

To demonstrate how to reveal passwords behind asterisks, we’ll take MS Outlook as an example. To use the Asterisk Password Recovery program, simply download the software and install it on your computer, and run the software.

Now open the Outlook application and open the account settings, of the account you want to reveal the password. Now click on the circle icon of the asterisk password recovery software and then holding the click drag it to the password field and you can see the password revealed. You can also use it for some other similar software which saves the password natively in windows.


We have the tendency to hit the “Remember Me” option save our login passwords for easy access. After a while, it’s possible that we’d forget what the password was. This quick tip will be useful to help you reveal passwords behind asterisks.