How to Show Asterisk Password Easily

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Recently one of my friends had a problem, where he had forgotten his Yahoo password and could not remember the answer to his secret question he signed up for the email account with, this was a huge problem for him since he had all his friends and contacts in Yahoo address book.

Luckily for us, he had saved his login and password in MS Outlook, which gave us the only hope of recovering the password with Asterisk Password Recovery.

Asterisk Password Recovery is a handy asterisk password viewer which allows you to penetrate the asterisks used to hide the passwords and show the actual passwords.

Once you have installed the software, you can view password hidden behind asterisk characters by drag the view icon to the password field.If you are logged into a messenger application, you will need to log out so you can see the login window with asterisk characters for you to view the password.

Asterisk Password Recovery can be used to show asterisk passwords from Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, AIM, Outlook, Outlook Express or for that matter any desktop tool or web browser which allows you to store your password. A definite must have utility if you are someone who keeps forgetting your password all the time.