How To Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive

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Some times you may prefer to install windows 8 from USB, there may be wide variety of reasons like, you don’t have a DVD drive or you wanted to install windows 8 in you netbook etc. No matter what the reason is, there is an easy way to do this. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create a bootable Windows 8 installation USB drive and then use it to do a clean install of Windows 8.

Step 1: Create a Bootable Windows 8 Installation USB Drive

  1. First of all, insert your pen/USB drive and back up any data inside it.
  2. Now download Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and open it.
  3. Browse to your windows 7 ISO image using the “Browse” button.
  4. As we are going to create a bootable USB drive, select “USB device” option.
  5. Now select the USB drive letter and click “Begin copying”.

Step 2: Configure the BIOS of Your Computer

  1. Turn on your computer. When it is powered on, check the boot-screen for setup key (i.e. DELETE key, F8 key, F2 key) to enter BIOS Setup Utility.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select the BOOT tab, then change the Boot Device Priority: Set 1st Boot Device to Removable Device so you can boot from a USB flash drive and perform Windows installation.
  3. Press F10 to save your changes.

Step 3: Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive

Assuming that you properly configured your BIOS, insert the Windows 8 Installation USB Drive into the USB port on your computer. Turn on the computer. Windows 8 setup program should now load, you can now continue to finish setting up Windows 8  from USB drive. Depending on the speed of your USB device, this may take a while.


This guide is quite easy to follow and anyone who has basic computer skill will able to create a bootable Windows 8 installation USB drive and install Windows 8 with any hassle. Many computers ship without Windows installation discs. So it’s necessary to create a Windows installation disk in case you need to do a fresh install of Windows on your own. Enjoy!