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Forgot Windows XP Administrator Password

March 28th, 2013 by Admin

If you ever find yourself in a situation that your Windows XP computer is locked out because you’ve forgotten the administrator password, and you’ve already tried the Safe Mode and it doesn’t work, what else can you do?

Luckily there is a solution that can actually take you away from your frustrations with a password cracking application called Reset Windows Password. This is a great software that allows you to reset Windows XP administrator password even if you’re completely locked out of Windows. Follow this tutorial you can regain access to your computer in minutes.

How to Unlock Your Computer When Forgot Windows XP Administrator Password?

Before you begin the process of password resetting, you’ll first need a different computer with internet access to start your work. You also need a USB stick or a blank CD to make a password reset Live disc that would be used on your locked Windows XP computer.

Step 1: Make a Password Reset Live Disc

Download the self-extracting archive of Reset Windows Password utility on to your alternate computer. Once downloaded, extract the ISO file (ResetWindowsPwd.iso) from the ZIP file. Feel free to do this using the integrated tool in Windows or a dedicated program like WinZip.

Now you need to burn the ISO image file (ResetWindowsPwd.iso) to a CD or USB stick. There are many free burning programs which can do it easily, such as BurnCDCC, ImgBurn, ISO2Dic, etc.

Step 2: Boot Windows XP Computer from the Live Disc

Insert the password reset Live disc into the Windows XP computer that you’re trying to gain access to. Restart the computer and press the appropriate key (also called “BIOS Key”) at the start of the boot-up process – often when the manufacturer’s logo appears on screen – and you’ll be taken to the BIOS Setup screen. Change the boot order in BIOS to set the USB or CD as your first option for boot device and boot the computer from it.

Step 3: Reset Windows XP Administrator Password

Once the locked computer boots from the Live disc, it will load the Windows PE operating system inside the Live disc and open up the Reset Windows Password program. The program automatically finds the Windows XP installations on your hard drive, and analyzes the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) database and displays all Windows user accounts existing in your system.

Just choose the administrator account which you want to do a password reset, and click on “Reset Password” button. It will reset your forgotten Windows XP administrator password immediately!


Forgot Windows XP administrator password? Once you have done everything correct and now restart your computer, you will find that you can easily log into your system and an admin account is listed on the login screen. Select the administrator account and it will lead you to the desktop screen. You can now change your other user account’s passwords as well.