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How to Unlock Lenovo Miix Tablet If You Forgot Windows 8 Password

June 11th, 2014 by Admin

Locked out of Lenovo Miix tablet because your Windows 8 admin password is lost? How can you change or reset it without needing to reinstall it? The tablet is locked and you can not go thorough it. Hence you can not install any software to unlock it. As you already know you can just reset your tablet to factory. I think you don’t want to lost all your data for a simple password. Then you should realize we need to do something before Windows boot up the system. Most of these methods use a Live CD to crack the password.

Both Lenovo Miix 2 and IdeaTab Miix10 are using pure UEFI (32-bit) instead of traditional BIOS. Miix tablet only supports UEFI boot, does not support legacy boot. To reset the password you have to use a Windows password recovery tool that supports UEFI booting. PCUnlocker Enterprise is the right one that you’re looking for. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use it to reset your forgotten Windows 8 password on Lenovo Miix tablet.

How to Unlock Lenovo Miix Tablet If You Forgot Windows 8 Password?

Use an alternate PC to download the bootable ISO image of PCUnlocker Enterprise and extract it. Burn the pcunlocker.iso file to your USB flash drive with the freeware ISO2Disc. Remember that you choose the GPT partition style. This will create a PCUnlocker Live USB drive with UEFI bootloader.

Plug the USB drive into your Lenovo Miix tablet. When the tablet is off, press and hold the volume up button and then press the Power button, until the Novo Button Menu appears on the screen. Choose the Boot Menu option, and then select your USB flash drive and press Enter.


Once it boots to the PCUnlocker program, select your Windows account and click on Reset Password button to remove your forgotten password. If you use a Microsoft account as your tablet login, there should be a local account that is linked to your Microsoft account. Choose that local account to proceed and this will also unlock your Microsoft account password locally.

Restart your tablet and remove the USB drive. You can then log back into your Lenovo Miix Windows 8 tablet without a password! This method works with all Windows 8 tablets of Lenovo Miix series.