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How to Remove Windows Vista Password

October 20th, 2012 by Admin

I have a friend who just bought a desktop computer with Windows Vista. Her daughter create a login ID with a password (as the administrator) but she forgot the password. How can I remove this password?

How to remove Windows Vista password when you forgot it? Whether you have forgotten your own password, or you want to help others remove forgotten Vista password, here is a very easy trick or method, which does not require you to go through complex steps to remove Windows Vista password. Reset Windows Password utility is the fastest and easiest way to remove a Windows Vista password. All you have to do is create a password removal boot CD and insert it into your computer, the tool does the rest for you.

How to Remove Windows Vista Password?

1. Download the Reset Windows Password utility. Unzip the download file, you’ll get the CD ISO image: ResetWindowsPwd.iso, which contains a Windows password removal program.

2. Write the boot CD ISO image to a blank CD using a CD writer and CD writing program. If your computer doesn’t have a CD drive, you can burn the ISO image to a USB flash drive using ISO2Disc.

3. Insert the freshly-written boot CD into the computer whose password needs to be removed. Restart the computer and boot from the CD.

4. After booting from the CD, it will load the operating system inside the CD and start the Reset Windows Password program.

5. Select the SAM registry hive from the drop-down list, it will display a list of local user accounts for your Windows installation.

6. Choose the user account whose password you forgot, then click on the Reset Password button, it will remove your forgotten password immediately.

7. Exit the password removal program and restart your computer. You can then log on Windows Vista with a blank password.

Besides removing Windows Vista password, you can also use the boot CD to remove forgotten login password in Windows 8/7/XP/2008/2003/2000.

How to Crack Windows Vista Password with USB Drive

September 25th, 2012 by Admin

My son cannot remember his Windows Vista login password on his laptop and we do not have a reset disk. Short of taking it to a repair center, is there any way he can crack the password himself?

Forgot Windows Vista password? It’s truly that computer users have a tendency to forget the administrator password. If you can’t recall the original password, you’ll be stuck at the login screen. In this article I’ll show you how to crack Windows Vista password with a USB drive. In the event that you forget your password, you can easily use the USB drive to crack the password and log onto your computer.

How to Crack Windows Vista Password with USB Drive?

To get started, we need to find a Windows Vista password cracker utility. Here I’m going to use Reset Windows Password tool, which comes as a Live CD ISO image that can also be burned onto  a USB drive. Boot your locked computer from the USB drive and you can crack Windows Vista password easily. Here is the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the Reset Windows Password utility onto an accessible computer. Unzip the download file, you’ll find an ISO image file: ResetWindowsPwd.iso.
  2. Burn the ISO image to your USB drive using ISO2Disc tool. If you have important data on your USB drive, I recommend you make a backup firstly. The burning procedure will format the USB drive and erase all data on it.
  3. Plug your USB drive in to your Windows Vista computer whose password you want to crack.
  4. Go into the computer BIOS and set USB device as the first boot device.
  5. Turn on your computer and it will then boot from your USB drive.  After a while, it will launch the Reset Windows Password utility.

  6. On the screen, choose your desired user account and then click on the Reset Password button. It will blank your forgotten password immediately.
  7. Unplug the USB drive from the computer and restart it. You can then log on to Windows Vista system with a blank password.

That’s all! If you want to set a new password for your computer to prevent unauthorized accessing, ensure that the password you are going to set is convenient for you to remember and will not be lost again.

How to Recover Windows Vista Password When Forgot It

July 2nd, 2012 by Admin

I have a Dell laptop running Windows Vista Business. I lost my Administrator Password on it when my organizer software crashed.

Now, when I try to uninstall and reinstall Mozilla Firefox I was prompted to key in the password. I have installed it several times, but was never required to provide the password. But as I realized not having the password now I can’t reinstall the Mozilla Firefox.

Is there any way to recover the password or resolve the problem?

There are times we forget login password for Windows Vista because we tend to create complex and secure passwords which are hard to remember. In this article I’ll tell you how to recover Windows Vista password with a password recovery disk. Instantly regain access to your Windows Vista system in the event that you forgot your computer password.

How to Recover Windows Vista Password:

  1. Before the work, prepare a blank CD/DVD. Then install and run Password Recovery Bundle on another accessible computer. Click Windows Password button to bring up the CD recording dialog, then burn the default ISO image onto your CD. The CD is the Vista password recovery CD we’ll later use to recover Windows Vista password.
  2. Insert the Vista password recovery CD into your locked computer. Set the computer to boot from the CD.
  3. Restart the computer, it will start to boot from the CD. After a while, your computer will launch the Reset Windows Password program. The software automatically detects the Windows SAM registry hive and show a list of user accounts existing in your Windows Vista system.
  4. Choose the user account whose password you already forgot, then click Reset Password button. The program will reset your Windows Vista password instantly.
  5. Remove the CD and restart your computer.

Now you should be able to log into your computer with an empty password. You also will not be asked for a password when you uninstall any software on your computer. Never need to worry about forgetting Windows Vista password.

A Useful Workaround if You Forgot Windows Vista Password

June 21st, 2012 by Admin

Decided to change my Windows Vista password before the weekend to keep it safe from smaller hands and then went away for three days. On returning, I brought my PC back from hibernate/standby and did so continuously till today, where I shut it down. Problem is that I have NO clue what I set that password as, and I’m pretty sure I left a hint but it doesn’t seem to be showing up, so maybe I failed on that one.

So does anyone know any workarounds? maybe a bootable utility to remove the account password? I only have the one account on the computer, so I cant resolve this through another Admin.

So you forgot your password on a Windows Vista machine that you haven’t used in a while. You would never forget a password, right? And now you need to get into the machine and don’t want to blast away and install Windows fresh. If you use Windows XP you can just boot into Safe Mode and use the built in administrator account, but if you’re in Vista that account has been disabled by default.

There is an easy way to reset Windows Vista password, but it requires that you created a password reset disk before you forgot your password. You can follow these instructions to create one in case you forgot your password.

What to do if you forgot Windows Vista password and also don’t have a password reset disk? Luckily there’s a tool that will help you reset lost Windows administrator or user passwords on Windows 7, Vista and XP. It’s called Reset Windows Password.

How to Reset Forgotten Windows Vista Password:

  1. Simply download the zip file of Reset Windows Password utility which contains an .iso image file, burn it onto a CD with your favorite CD burning software.
  2. Pop the CD in the CD drive of your locked PC. It will boot up a copy of  Windows PE off the CD and launch the Reset Windows Password utility. This utility automatically detects your Windows Vista installation and show all user accounts available on your Windows Vista system.
  3. Select the user account whose password you forgot, then click Reset Password button to remove the password.
  4. Reboot your computer and remove the CD, you’ll be able to log on Windows Vista without being asked for a password, and regain access to your computer data and files in no time.

Reset Windows Password utility is a great life saver! As long as you have physical access to a machine that’s password protected, you can reset any Windows account password and get into Windows system easily.