How to Restart Chrome, Edge and Firefox without Losing Open Tabs

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When your web browser starts to lag or a tab is freezing, closing the web browser and reopening it may be the only choice, but you’ll lose all open tabs. Luckily, there is a hidden and simple way to restart Chrome, Edge and Firefox without losing open tabs.

Part 1: Restart Chrome, Edge without Losing Open Tabs

At the top of your web browser, click the plus (+) sign on the far right to open a new tab. If you’re using Chrome, type chrome://restart in the address bar.

For Microsoft Edge, enter edge://restart instead.

As soon as you press Enter, your web browser will restart immediately and reload your previous tabs automatically.

Part 2: Restart Firefox without Losing Open Tabs

Open a new tab in your Firefox browser and type about:profiles in the address bar, then press Enter.

It will open a page which gives you two options to restart Firefox: Restart with Add-ons Disabled, Restart normally. Simply click the “Restart normally” button, and it will restart Firefox without losing all running tabs.

That’s it!