How to Check Hard Drive Health in Windows 11 with Ease

January 5, 2024 by Admin No comments »

Is my hard drive still healthy? When should I replace my SSD? If there is a way to predict when a hard drive is about to die, we can take preventative actions before disk failure. Luckily, Windows 11 comes with a built-in feature to monitor the hard drive health, so you can get an estimated […]

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2 Methods to Remove Time and Date from Taskbar in Windows 11

December 29, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I hide time and date in the system tray on Windows 11? Previously we’ve covered a tricky way to achieve it. Luckily, starting with Windows 11 23H2, the system provides built-in options to remove time and date from the taskbar. In this tutorial we’ll show you another 2 methods to remove time and […]

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How to Enable or Disable Location Services in Windows 11

December 22, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I disable location tracking in Windows 11? Can’t turn on my location service because it’s greyed out? Some apps might require accessing the location services so it can provide you with information which is more relevant to your PC’s geographic location. However, turning on location services may arouse privacy concerns. In this tutorial […]

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How to Stop Microsoft Edge from Showing Multiple Tabs in Alt+Tab

December 13, 2023 by Admin No comments »

Edge browser shows each tab as a new window in Alt + Tab? How can I disable all tabs of Microsoft Edge while doing Alt+Tab? When switching between tasks in Alt + Tab, the Edge browser may show all tabs as a separate task. If you want Microsoft Edge to behave like other web browsers […]

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2 Methods to Enable or Disable Title Bar Shake to Minimize in Windows 11

December 7, 2023 by Admin No comments »

The title bar window shake feature is also known as Aero Shake, which lets you grab a windows title bar and shake it to minimize all other windows, and shake it again to restore all the minimized windows. It can save you time and improve your productivity. In this tutorial we’ll show you 2 simple […]

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3 Methods to Turn off Snap windows in Windows 11

December 6, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I prevent auto-maximize when the window is dragged to the screen edge? When you move the cursor to the very top or bottom border of a windows, the cursor will turn into a vertical double arrow and then you can double-click to maximize the current window vertically. If you don’t like to use […]

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2 Methods to Turn Off Copilot in Windows 11

November 29, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I disable Copilot on Windows 11? Looking for a way to completely remove Copilot from the taskbar? Copilot is a built-in feature of Windows 11, which can’t be uninstalled like a regular app. However, if you’re not going to use Windows Copilot, here are 2 ways to turn off Copilot in Windows 11. […]

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How to Add Copilot to Taskbar or Desktop in Windows 11

November 27, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I open Windows Copilot? Windows Copilot not showing in the taskbar? Microsoft Copilot is a new AI-powered chatbot that is released with Windows 11 23H2 update. If you need to access Copilot frequently, you can get the Copilot icon to appear in the taskbar or create a desktop shortcut for quick access. In […]

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2 Methods to Remove the Home Page from the Settings App in Windows 11

November 13, 2023 by Admin No comments »

After upgrading to Windows 11 23H2, you may find that Microsoft adds a new Home page to the Settings app, which shows a list of recommended settings including a shortcut to turn on/off Bluetooth. If you don’t like the new Home page, you can hide or remove it with ease. In this tutorial we’ll show […]

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How to Pause Windows Update for any Amount of Time in Windows 11

November 9, 2023 by Admin No comments »

How can I pause Windows 11 update for a few months or permanently? By default, Windows 11 allows you to pause Windows update for up to 5 weeks (35 days) at maximum. Luckily, there is an undocumented method to pause updates in Windows 11 up to any desired number of days. How to Pause Windows […]

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