How to Retrieve Firefox Passwords from Crashed Computer

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My old computer crashed and it had all my old passwords on it! I was wondering if it were possible to somehow retrieve them. I can access data from the computer, but I can’t open the Firefox application due to the virus. I was running it on Vista with the newest version of Firefox as of April 2011. I’d really appreciate the help – I cant remember all of my passwords.

In case you ever find yourself in a situation where your computer crashes or you can’t start Windows anymore, you can retrieve Firefox passwords easily from your hard drive. Just add the hard drive to your current computer as a slave drive, Firefox Password Recovery program allows you to decrypt and recover the passwords saved in Firefox password file in just a few mouse clicks. Let’s proceed.

How to Retrieve Firefox Passwords from Crashed Computer?

  1. Connect your crashed hard drive to a working computer as a slave drive
  2. Download Firefox Password Recovery software and install it on your computer.
  3. Launch Firefox Password Recovery program and click on Recover From File button.

  4. On the next window, choose your Firefox installation directory and profile path.

  5. Click OK. It will retrieve the Firefox passwords quickly from the external hard drive.

Firefox Password Recovery also allows you to retrieve Firefox passwords for your current working computer. It’s helpful for you to export/backup Firefox passwords before re-installing Windows or formatting your hard drive.