Forgot Picture Password in Windows 8? How to Unlock Your Computer

February 18, 2013 updated by Admin Leave a reply »

Password protecting access to Windows user accounts is now the norm. Windows 8 enables you to protect your account with a picture password. Using a picture password is much more secure than regular alphanumeric password, but it may cause big trouble when you forgot Windows 8 picture password. How to unlock your computer when you forgot picture password in Windows 8?

Luckily picture password is merely a helpful alternative login method rather than something that adds security. Setting up a picture password does not replace your regular alphanumeric password, and on the lock screen itself there is an option to switch back to the standard login option.

So if you forgot picture password, you can choose to unlock your computer using traditional text password or Microsoft Live account. After logging into Windows 8 you can reset the forgotten picture password easily.

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