Fix: Classic File Explorer Ribbon Missing in Windows 11 22H2

February 24, 2023 updated by Admin Leave a reply »

The classic File Explorer ribbon is missing in Windows 11? Starting with Windows 11 22H2, we’re unable to bring back the classic ribbon with a registry tweak any longer. But there are still other ways to launch File Explorer with classic ribbon in Windows 11 22H2.

Method 1: Using Control Panel to Open Classic File Explorer with Ribbon

  1. Open the Control Panel in the Category view, and then click the up arrow to the left of the address bar.

  2. It will launch File Explorer to the desktop with classic ribbon.

Method 2: Create a Batch to Open Classic File Explorer with Ribbon

If you need to access the classic File Explorer ribbon frequently, you can create a batch file to automatically perform the steps described in the above method.

  1. Simply open the Notepad app or other text editor, copy-paste the following commands, and then click the File menu and choose Save.

    powershell.exe -nop -ep bypass -c "& {"Start-Process \"Control\"; $wshell = New-Object -ComObject; $null = $wshell.AppActivate(\"Control Panel\"); Start-Sleep 0.8; $wshell.SendKeys("'""^"lThis PC~"'")}"

  2. The Save As dialog box will appear. Use the Save as type drop-down menu to choose All files (*.*), then type in a file name ending with .bat extension, click Save.

  3. Now you can double-click the batch file you just created to open classic File Explorer with ribbon quickly.

That’s it!