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Recover Lost Software Serial Numbers Using the Best Serial Key Finder

May 24th, 2013 by Admin

Have you ever lost a software serial number or key code? Misplacing a serial key is one of the common issues for computer users. Luckily, there is a simple solution to grab your license key from the Windows registry. Product Key Finder is the best serial key finder software which allows you to recover lost serial numbers for Windows, Microsoft Office and many other software.

How to Recover Lost Software Serial Numbers Using Serial Key Finder?

Product Key Finder is the perfect tool to recover Microsoft serial numbers or registration keys besides other Windows software. It’s a small utility, super fast, and easy to use. Just a few mouse clicks and it will find compatible software installed on your PC and decrypt the keys for you.

Simply download and install Product Key Finder on your computer. After installing, run the program. Click on “Start Recovery” button, it will display a list of recovery options:

  • From current system
  • From non-booting system
  • From remote computer

If you’ve chosen the first option, the program will automatically search the Windows registry on your local computer, and then decrypt and find your Windows serial keys and serial numbers of other software installed on your local computer.

The other two options allow you to recover software serial keys from external hard drive or remote network computers. This is a service not provided by other regular serial key finder software.


Should you find that you have lost the keys for some of your software, chances are you can recover the serial numbers or key codes. You could either search the Windows registry, which stores serial numbers, or follow this tutorial to look up your lost serial keys.