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Windows Live Mail Password Recovery

January 27th, 2013 by Admin

I forgot my password used in a private mail in Windows Live Mail, Windows 7 default mail reader. I need to know what the password is, but I have no idea how to reveal the actual password hidden behind the asterisk characters in Windows Live Mail software. Can you please suggest any programs I can use to reveal what is behind the *********** ?

Sometimes you may forget the password of a mail account. However, if you had let your email client to remember the password for your account, you might just be able to log in. In such a scenario you may be lucky enough to retrieve your password from your email client. In this tutorial we’ll show you an easy way to recover email account passwords stored in Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail.

How to Recover Passwords from Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail?

  1. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle on your computer.
  2. Start Password Recovery Bundle program.
  3. Click on Start Recovery button, navigate to the Email Password from the drop-down menu. It will show you all supported email clients.
  4. Select Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail from the list.
  5. It will retrieve the passwords and login details of your email accounts saved in Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail.

So, have you forgotten your Windows Live Mail password and want it back? This is probably the easiest way to retrieve your password back! It could be a life saver when your email client crashed or you forgot your email account password.