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How to Add Copilot to Taskbar or Desktop in Windows 11

November 27th, 2023 by Admin

How can I open Windows Copilot? Windows Copilot not showing in the taskbar? Microsoft Copilot is a new AI-powered chatbot that is released with Windows 11 23H2 update. If you need to access Copilot frequently, you can get the Copilot icon to appear in the taskbar or create a desktop shortcut for quick access. In this tutorial we’ll show you easy ways to add Copilot to the taskbar or desktop in Windows 11.

Method 1: Add Copilot to Taskbar in Windows 11 via Settings App

  1. Right-click the empty space in the taskbar and choose “Taskbar settings“. This will open the Settings app and take you to the page: Personalization -> Taskbar.

  2. Turn on the toggle switch next to the Copilot option.

  3. The Copilot icon will show up in the taskbar and you can click it to open Copilot with ease.

Method 2: Add Copilot to Taskbar in Windows 11 via Registry Editor

  1. Open Registry Editor and browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced. In the right pane, double-click the DWORD ShowCopilotButton.

  2. To enable Copilot, change its value data from 0 to 1. Click OK.

  3. Close Registry Editor. You can immediately see the Copilot button in the taskbar.

Method 3: Create a Desktop Shortcut for Copilot in Windows 11

  1. Right-click the empty space on your desktop and choose New -> Shortcut.

  2. Copy and paste the following command in the location box, and click Next.
  3. Give a name for this shortcut and click Finish.

  4. You can now double-click the newly-created desktop shortcut to open Copilot quickly.

That’s it!