Outlook Express Password Recovery

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Setting up email accounts in Outlook Express is quite easy and convenient. Once the accounts have been setup we do not need any attendance or maintenance at all. But most of the time we forgot the password soon, then read this post how to recover Outlook Express password with ease.

Outlook Express Password Recovery is a program that helps you to retrieve all types of Outlook Express saved passwords: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP, HTTPMAIL, LDAP, Identity passwords. Just a single mouse click, the program will reveal the server names, email logins and passwords for all the email accounts stored by Outlook Express.

How to Recover Outlook Express Password?

  1. Install Outlook Express Password Recovery program on your computer.
  2. Start Outlook Express Password Recovery program and then click on Start Recovery button.

  3. The program will recover Outlook Express Identity passwords and email account logins and passwords which are stored in Outlook Express.

Forgot Outlook Express password? Prepare to reinstall or upgrade Windows? It’s advisable to retrieve all email account passwords in Outlook Express and backup them in a safe place.