How to Format Hard Drive Using PowerShell

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Is there a simple PowerShell script to format a USB disk? If you have a brand new hard drive, or you want to erase all the data from a disk, you have to format it. In this tutorial we’ll explain how to format a hard drive using PowerShell commands in Windows 10.

How to Format Hard Drive Using PowerShell?

  1. To open Powershell as admin in Windows 10, press the Windows key + X together and then select “Windows PowerShell (Admin)“.

  2. Type the following command to find the hard drive you want to format.


  3. To clear all partitions and volumes from your disk, type the following command. Replace 1 with the disk number of the drive you want to format.

    Clear-Disk -Number 1 -RemoveData

  4. Next, create a new partition on your blank disk, and assign a drive letter:

    New-Partition -DiskNumber 1 -UseMaximumSize -IsActive -DriveLetter E

  5. To format the newly-created partition with the NTFS file system, type the following command and press Enter. Replace ‘USB’ with the volume label you want to use.

    Format-Volume -DriveLetter E -FileSystem FAT32 -NewFileSystemLabel USB

  6. Once you’ve completed the steps, you can now access the new partition in Windows Explorer.