How to Change the Default “New folder” Name in Windows 10

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When you create a new folder or a text file in Windows 10, it’s named “New folder” or “New Text Document” by default. If you prefer, you can customize and change the default name template for newly-created folders or files in Windows 10 using a registry tweak.

How to Change the Default “New folder” Name in Windows 10

  1. Open Registry Editor. Copy the following path and paste it into the Address Bar at the top and hit Enter.

    In the left-side pane, right-click on the “Explorer” key and select New -> Key.

  2. Name the new key “NamingTemplates” and make sure it’s selected. In the right-hand pane, right-click the blank area and select New -> String Value.

  3. Name the new string “RenameNameTemplate” and double-click it to modify. In the Value data field, enter the new default name you want to use for newly-created folders/files, and click OK. Note: Do not use any of the following characters in the default name:
    \ / ? : * " > < | " ' *

  4. Close Registry Editor. Try to create a new folder in File Explorer and it will be named with your new default name instead of “New folder”.

  5. Whenever you need to restore the default “New folder” name, just change the value of the string “RenameNameTemplate” to %s or simply delete the string altogether.