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How to Change Windows 8 Password

Changing your Windows 8 password on a regular basis is a good habit to help keep your PC secure. If your computer becomes compromised or you are concerned that someone may know your password, you should change it immediately. In this tutorial we'll show you how to change Windows 8 password for both local account and Microsoft account.

How to Change Windows 8 Password Easily

  1. Slide your cursor to the bottom-right corner of the screen to activate the Charms and click the Settings.
  2. Click on the option Change PC Settings to open Windows 8 PC Settings.

    Change PC Settings

  3. When the PC Settings menu loads, switch to the Users tab and click the Change your password button. You'll be asked to provide your current password and a new password.

    Change Windows 8 Password

If you're using a Microsoft account instead of a local user account, you can also change the password by visiting the Reset Your Password page on Microsoft's website. Forgot Windows 8 password and still couldn't change your password using the tricks mentioned above? I recommend you purchase the PCUnlocker utility, which can also help you change the forgotten password for either local account or Microsoft account in Windows 8.

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