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How to Recover Passwords Saved by Web Browser

Browsers are really becoming more and more user friendly with loads of features to take our browsing experience to new heights. The most basic AutoComplete feature can remember your username, password, and other data you type into Web forms. But most web browsers don't offer the password saving and syncing features to export your saved passwords or sync the passwords across multiple computers or devices.

With Password Recovery Bundle you can recover saved passwords from most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, SeaMonkey and Flock. This is really useful when you forgot the saved password, or need to transfer your browser saved passwords to another computer.

How to Recover Web Browser Stored Password

  1. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle on your local computer.
  2. After installing, start the Password Recovery Bundle program.

    Password Recovery Bundle

  3. Click the Start Recovery button. It will bring up a drop-down menu with a long list of supported password types, including Chrome / Opera / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari / SeaMonkey and Flock passwords.

    Password Recovery Options

  4. Select your desired option. For example, if you want to recover your stored passwords from Chrome, click on the Chrome Password option. The program will display a list of your saved login credentials, including the site URL, username, and password.
  5. After retrieving your browser passwords, you can save them into a text file for safe keeping or future use.

This tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any website, including Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Gmail, as long as the password is stored by your web browser.

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