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How to Recover Opera Password from Opera Wand

"Hi! I want to uninstall Opera but there are several passwords that are stored in it but I don't remember so if anyone knows how to recover passwords from Wand please explain how?"

The Wand is Opera's built-in password manager, which makes it easy to save the passwords you use to log in to websites. When you visit a website with a stored login and password, the Wand will populate your password specific to that site. The problem is that Opera don't allow you to see the saved passwords in the Wand. What to do if you forgot the saved password but have to reformat your PC or uninstall Opera browser?

In this tutorial we'll show you how to recover the saved passwords from Opera Wand. Opera Password Recovery is a powerful application which can decrypt Opera Web browser password file (wand.dat) and recover all website passwords stored in the Wand, so that you can actually get the stored passwords in case you just forgot them.

How to Recover Opera Password from Opera Wand

  1. Download and install Opera Password Recovery program.
  2. Run Open Password Recovery, then click the Start Recovery button.

  3. It automatically tries to locate the wand.dat for your Opera browser, and display all website passwords stored in this file. You can then backup Opera passwords in a safe place.

Need to recover Opera password from a crashed or unbootable computer? Just copy the Opera wand.dat file to a working computer, launch Opera Password Recovery program and then click on the Recover From File button to choose the desired wand.dat file, it will recover the saved passwords in no time!

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